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About Trinity Games

Trinity Projects is the trading name of Chris Sharp. Trinity Games is the name I use for the Big Screen games I am developing for use in Churches, Youth Groups and Children's Clubs.

Trinity Games are designed for use on a big screen so everyone can enjoy them, not just the people taking part.  They also have an educational slant to them so although they are not designed to teach, people may learn as they play them.

I usually have a game or two in development and always need feedback from people who are prepared to test the games for me, so if you are interested in getting to play the up and coming games and are happy to send me feedback then use the enquiry form below to get in contact.

Contacting Trinity Games

Putting your e-mail address on a web site is sure fire way of getting lots of spam! I get enough spam already so rather than putting my e-mail on here I've put an enquiry form which will allow you to send me an e-mail. Please make sure that you fill in your own e-mail address correctly or I won't be able to reply to you.

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