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Pie Out

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Pie Out is a big Screen Quiz Game developed for playing at Christian Youth and Children's clubs, groups and events.

Game Play

Pie Out has one question and sixteen answers.  Ten of the answers are correct and six are wrong, three players or teams take turns to guess answers.  A player scores 50 points if they choose a correct answer and zero when wrong.  However, there are two bonus answers which score double points and three of the wrong answers are Pie Outs! A Pie Out doesn't lose you any points, but it does get the contestant a Custard Pie in the face (not supplied).  The Custard Pie brings a great deal of tension into the game as players try to avoid (or sometimes find!) the Pie answers.  The winner is the player or team with the most points when all the correct or all the wrong answers have been found.


Pie Out has several settings which can be modified for your own circumstances, these include cosmetic options such as the screen colour and team colours.  Pie Out can be played as to a 2 player game and you can enter your own team/player names.  You can switch off the scoring if you wish to play with more or less teams.

You can also play the game as Wash Out.  A splash of water replaces the pie on the screen and a water pistol is used in place of a custard pie.  This is useful if you have run out of pie foam or if you wish to get a whole team rather than one player.

Pie Out Game Packs

Pie Out comes with 20 games.  However Pie Out can store up to 100 games! You can write your own games and enter them in to the system and you can also purchase extra game packs.  Each game pack contains 10 new games ready for you to play with your Youth or Children's Group.

Purchasing Pie Out

Pie Out Cost £20, with each additional game pack costing £3.

We are planning to make Pie Out a downloadable purchase from this web site, but in the mean time please contact us though the enquiry form. Please enter your name, e-mail address and use the comments box to let me know the nature of your enquiry (if you have any questions, would like to purchase Pie Out etc.) and we will reply to you by e-mail.

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