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Widgets for the Big Screen


From time to time I've created small computer programs to perform a basic task or operation. They are simple, handy programs that make use of the big screen to make things clear for everyone in the room.  To start with I made them specific for my needs, but with a little bit of extra time and effort I've made them easier to use and customisable so you can enter your own team names and the like.  You can freely download them and use them in your clubs, groups and churches.



Ever have a problem keeping or remembering the score in a fast moving game? The Scoreboard Widget is designed to work with two, three or four players or teams. It's simple to use, all you have to do is click on the teams score to add points. If you use the keyboard you press the "1" key to add points to team 1, the "2" key for team 2 etc. With the keyboard you can also take points away! "Q" takes away points from team 1, "W" from Team 2 "E" from 3 and "R" from 4.

Scoreboard comes with a Text file, this file controls the team names, the team colours and the value the score increases for each click or key press.

Download Scoreboard

Coin Flip


A really simple widget that mimics the tossing of a coin, the result of which can be seen by everybody in the room.  All you have to do is click on the coin and it will flip, and yes it is totally random so you can't learn the oder.

Download Coin Flip



The Screen is divided into two, three or four sections each with a title. A word or phrase appears on the screen which can be dragged and dropped in to one of the sections, when a word is dropped another appears ready to be dragged to an appropriate section.  The pinboard can be used in a discussion with the words appearing and the group deciding where to place them.

The pinboard comes with a text file which allows you to enter your own values.  You can change the titles of the sections and the words that will appear, you can choose how many sections you want and their colours.

Download Pinboard

Deck of Cards


A simple widget that shows the back of a playing card on the right hand side of the screen. Click on the card and the top of the deck will turn over. Click again to show the next card and so on until all 52 cards have been dealt.

Download Deck of Cards

More Widgets

I'll have some more widgets for you soon, I need a bit of time to make them more user friendly!