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Microsoft Project Consultancy

Microsoft Project is a powerful tool which, when used well, can dramatically improve the quality of the planning and management of projects.  However, the benefits of Project will never be fully reached unless the organisation and the tool are matched together correctly.

For some organisations this will require a change of systems or culture.  Others will need to bend and twist MS Project, customising it to match it to their way of managing projects.  For most organisations it takes a bit of both to get projects running well.

The training of Project Managers in the use of MS Project is a first step.  Careful consideration is required as to which of Project's features are to be used.  Is Project the best tool tool for managing a projects costs?  How will you manage the information flow between project manager and resources?  How will things work when several projects are running concurrently?

Trinity Projects provides consultancy which aims to marry Microsoft Project to your organisation, enabling you to get true value from your investment in Project.