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Microsoft Project Training and Consultancy



Trinity Projects supplies high quality training in Microsoft Project to organisation who need to plan and manage successful projects.

The training courses have been developed to teach project managers the skills required to plan and manage a project with MS Project

The training is conducted within the context of project management so the focus is not on the technicalities of the software but on the practicalities of the tool.


Microsoft Project is a complex tool and with each new version and each new feature this complexity increases.  Working out how best to use MS Project in your specific situation is not easy, Trinity Projects provides a consultancy service to advise and assist you in your implementation of MS Project within your project management systems.

The customisation of MS Project, project communication through the internet, problem solving and coaching are some of the other areas Trinity Projects gets involved.


Resources Graphic

Trinity Projects supplies a collection of resources designed to assist the Microsoft Project user.  These resources have been developed as follow up support to Trinity Projects training courses and are designed to encourage people in the continued use and learning of MS Project.

The resources are available to all and will be of use to many MS Project users.  The Quiz should be taken by all Project users whether they have been trained or are self taught.  it has been put together so you can see what you do or do not know about Microsoft Project.