Microsoft Project Quiz

MS Project Quiz Introduction

The quiz follows the same structure as the Trinity Projects training course "An Introduction to Successful Project Planning with MS Project".

It is divided into the same 6 section as the course notes:

  1. Project Management with Microsoft Project
  2. Before You Start Planning
  3. Creating the Schedule
  4. Resourcing and Costing the Project
  5. Evaluation and Baselining
  6. Management and Tracking of the Project

Each part of the Quiz has a short introduction which gives an outline of the subjects covered.  You can follow the Quiz in a linear fashion by starting at part 1 and working your way through all the questions, or you can skip to the part that you are most interested in.

To begin the quiz click on "Part 1" in the menu.  Once you have selected the correct answer a link to the next question will be displayed, this encourages you to take all the questions in the quiz in order rather than jumping around.

Is this quiz for you?

This quiz has been put together to test your practical knowledge of MS Project.  It can be used after you have attended the Trinity Project's "An Introduction to Successful Project Planning with MS Project" training course to evaluate which subjects you have grasped hold of and which may have slipped through your fingers.

If you haven't been on the training course you may want to do the quiz to asses your understanding of the use of MS Project and whether you would benefit from attending a training course.