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Resources for Microsoft Project

Trinity Projects recognises that a training course is only the starting point and discovery and learning will continue for years to come.  To encourage this process of continued learning the resources section is here to assist and promote the use of MS Project.

The Quiz

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The quiz is designed to test your MS Project knowledge.  If you have not received any training on MS Project then you can assess how much you have taught yourself.  For those of you who have been trained you can find out what you did learn, and what you have forgotten.

Web Page Tutorial

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With Project 98, MS Project gained ability to save a plan as a web page—an electronic report.  This is a very useful, but somewhat under-used feature.  This tutorial goes through the steps required to create a Project Web Page and then takes an in-depth look at how to make the most of the functionality.

Resource Highlight Tutorial

Resource Gantt Image

Changing the colour of a Gantt bar to show that it has been assigned to a particular resource is a common practice.  This tutorial explains how you can program MS Project to change the bar colour automatically.

Critical Path presentation


The Critical Path and the analysis of it has been a major part of project planning and management since the 1940's.  The PowerPoint presentation used in the Trinity Projects training course can now be downloaded.

Frequently Asked Questions


Working as a MS Project consultant I get asked the same questions over and over again.  The FAQ gives the answers to these questions.